Andolyn Medina


   Hollins University                                                                                                      

   B.A Honors in Psychology, Cum Laude                                                           

   Minor: Music


   George Washington University                                                                                   
                           2016- 2017

    M.A Forensic Psychology
    GPA: 3.85


   George Washington University

    PsyD Clinical Psychology


  Took two levels (Undergraduate and Graduate) of courses in both Research Statistics and Design, 2013-2017

   Learned different measures of research, statistical tests, ethical errors made and responsibilities surrounding research and           wrote several statistical reports to present and explain in a class room setting.  One class in particular, each student conducted
   a mock or hypothetical experiment, in which the students went through the motion of conducting research, individually. Each     student developed their own hypothesis, based on their interests; chose a statistical test; produced a report (including abstract,     introduction, hypothesis, methods, design and procedure, results, limitations, discussion, and references) on a poster; and           then presented findings and answered questions from the class. My research was on Rape Culture in Music:
   Relationship between Lyrics, Gender, and Consent.


   Intern at Treatment Action Group, New York City, NY, 2016

   Researched data on Tuberculosis and other HIV/AIDS related illnesses and created PowerPoint and tool kits for coworkers to     hand out when educating impoverished groups in other countries, as well as, for mailing to individuals throughout the United     States; researched HIV/AIDS funding and wrote policy brief to congress about why HIV/AIDS deserves continued funding,       rather than a decrease in budget; organized data base of current donors.


   Intern for Dr. King & Associates, Chesapeake VA, 2015

   Researched multiple diagnosis and prescriptions, based on different clinical observations, in order to present in dialogues at       lunch meeting with various psychiatrists and pharmaceutical representatives; learned both the policy and business side of           Psychology and Psychiatry.


   Intern at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA, 2015

   Researched different psychological conditions in children such as depression, anorexia nervosa, ADHD, and bipolar disorder     using multiple search engines, documented the files through Microsoft Office and reported findings to Child Life Specialist       weekly;  Organized events for pediatric care patients on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create posters; took notes     for Child Life Specialist and prepared summaries for his review; earned HIPPA certification.


   Intern for Biodiversity, Cultural History,

   And Environmental Issues Study Abroad Trip, Virgin Island, 2014

   Collaborated with fellow students to conduct research on Relationship between Size and Health of Boulder Brain Coral in         Shallow Marine Habitats, presented data at Hollins University Science Fair using SPSS, Excel, and PowerPoint to create           final poster detailing statistics.

Additional Professional EXPERIENCE

   Intern at National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), 2017- Present

   Family Advocacy Department; Provide therapeutic intervention to parents who have a missing child, have recovered a               missing child, have been reunited with a missing child or a child who has been sexually exploited; provide technical                   assistance to social workers, psychologists, and law enforcement with the dynamics associated with a missing or sexually           exploited child; follow up with parents and children that contact the Call Center with reports and concerns as they relate to         the position, and refer parents and/or children who have been affected by the dynamics associated with a missing or                   exploited child to the appropriate victim service  agencies, and document case activity in compliance with established                 procedures.


   Booz Allen Hamilton Technical Writer, 2017- Present

   Organizational and Administrative duties; note taking, organizing materials, providing insight to meetings and day to day           office management tasks. Obtained secret clearance.


   Hollins University Tour Guide, 2014-2016

   Created and memorized script to give as presentation throughout tours of about 10-15 students and parents; remained up to         date on any happenings or new events on campus weekly in order to prepare for incoming tours.  Housed incoming and             perspective students to give them a more personal sense of campus life.


   Student Assistant to

   Vice President of Academic Affairs, 2013-2015

   Organized and filed documents for academia regarding tenure for professors, faculty search and recruitment, set                         appointments, and organized events for professors and other leadership on campus, using Microsoft products to outline plans     and details for major campus events such as Opening and Honors Convocation.

AWARDS/ accomplishments

   Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 4-year full tuition scholarship


   President’s Call to Service Award

   Received the Lifetime achievement award for volunteering over 7,000 hours over a lifetime.


   Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
Demonstrated an ongoing and consistent commitment to service, skill and physical recreation;

   As well as taking an expedition.  The bronze takes a minimum of 3 months to complete; the silver takes a minimum of 6             months; and the gold takes a minimum of 12 months. It is the world’s leading achievement award. The gold award was               presented during an award ceremony in New York City by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

   Rotary Youth Leadership Award

   Leadership award presented to 11th grade students chosen based on leadership, service and academics.


   United Service Organization (USO) Patriot Award

   Nominated by USO Director of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia for volunteering with organization since age 10:                 performing the National anthem at various events, participating in numerous annual events, donating Christmas gifts to               military families and making personal visits during their hospital stay, coordinating annual visits to Naval Medical Center           Portsmouth Pediatric Ward and The Wounded Warriors.


   Hollins Three Year Accelerated Program

     Permits graduation in three years instead of four if the faculty believes based upon your work ethic, discipline and academics that it is feasible.  Students must maintain a 3.0 each semester and for graduation and maintain a course load of 44 credits each year.

   Senate Joint Resolution and House Joint Resolution
   Recipient of resolution for outstanding and professional accomplishments, service and academic achievement by the Senate       of Virginia and House of Delegate.


   City Proclamation

   Roanoke, VA Mayor proclaimed March 7 “Andolyn Medina Day”


   Sang the National Anthem for President Obama, Washington Wizards (NBA), and Washington Mystics (WNBA)


   President of Sandusky Service House, September 2014- current

   Ensured that each resident completes 10 hrs of service, coordinate community outreaches, organize volunteer schedules and       possible opportunities, establish rapport with residents, arrange recruitment events and maintain positive relationships with         each agency.


   Senior Mentor for Early Transition Program at Hollins University

   Mentored the minority students of the incoming freshmen class, facilitate discussions on cultural identity, and organize and       assist in any diversity initiatives on campus.


   Volunteer Coordinator for RAM House Soup Kitchen

   Recruited and worked with 50 members of the student body to volunteer every 1st Sunday, and kept data and worksheets           using Excel.


   Student Leader for Jamaica Cultural Immersion Program (spring break 2015 & 2016)

   Community based study abroad program in which students spend their spring break with homestays in Lucea, JA.  Each             student has a lesson that they teach to a class throughout the week and also volunteers at the Lucea Infirmary.


   Additional service awards: 2016 Presidential Gold from President Obama for 250 service hours; Miss America Community     Service Award; and Wells Fargo Community Service Award.


   American Psychological Association

   Child Life Council

   Psi Chi (International Psychology Honors Society)

   Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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