Reflection of May 2015, received the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold medal

As a gold medalist, I was invited to New York City to be recognized as a well-rounded individual who committed to self-improvement, enhancing my lifestyle through physical fitness, volunteerism and overall making a difference.  My Duke of Edinburgh journey stated in January 2013, I also achieved the Bronze and Silver award recognition.  The award was founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. I received the Duke of Edinburgh Gold medal from Prince Edward, Earl of  Wessex, 

Guest panelist on the Human Trafficking Symposium for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Psi Epsilon Omega Chapter

Excited to be have joined survivors and advocates alike as a panelist on human trafficking. Thankful to FAIR Girls for having me represent them on this panel and my Sorors for recognizing the importance of educating, bringing awareness on this billion-dollar industry and doing this work in educating themselves and the larger community. 💙

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Society For Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychology and The Encounter Between Black Student Clinicians & the Racial Reckoning; I am honored to be one of the Presenters!

FREE & OPEN to the public. I am ecstatic to be 1 of 7 panelist members to present at the 40th Annual Conference for Division 39, a division within the American Psychological Association. Div.39 is one of the largest associations of psychoanalytic professionals in the world and I am proud to have co-organized this panel with my classmates and colleagues on the Encounter between Black Student Clinicians and the Racial Reckoning.

It is our hope that through this panel we can amplify voices that are often not heard and truly speak truth to power on the urgency of the BLM movement in clinical and academic settings. We know that often times these conversations happen in a vacuum, and wanted to make this event free so that all who want access to this information and community can feel welcomed. Thank you to our professor, Dr. Sheehi, for not only teaching us, but also advocating and empowering us for stages such as this. We hope you join us on March 14th at 6:30 pm EST.

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Started off Read Across America with reading one of my favorite books, Oh the Places You’ll Go, to Pee Dee CAP Head Start/ Early Head Start. Over 100 students logged in this morning. Thank you to their parents and the teachers for inviting me❤️✨

Guest Reader (virtual) for Lake City/Olanta Head Start, Lake City and Olanta, South Carolina

Thank you Ms. Barbara Cooper, Education Coordinator, Ms. Catherma Simon, Center Manager, and your Team, Book Drive Chairpersons (Ms. Liza Graham, Ms. Tammara Fulmore and Ms. Diane Burgess) for inviting me to be a gueat reader to your students! 

Dr. Seuss is held annually on March 2nd, it is a holiday that celebrates the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel – otherwise known by the pen name by which he authored children's books: Dr. Seuss. During the 1990s, the National Education Association advocated for a day to celebrate reading all over the United States. I'm excited and looking forward to meeting the students!  

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Meeting ID: 457 877 2178

Roosevelt High School, Washington, DC

I was happy to have created an interview skit with my friend Ali to assist kids with DOs and DON'Ts  of interviewing for Bestfriends Foundation. Thank you to the students and teachers at Roosevelt High School, in DC, for hosting me tonight as I speak about interview techniques and tips for the Bestfriends Foundation 🥰✨

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Black History Month Human Trafficking Webinar Wednesday

I will be moderating the Youth Panel on Human Trafficking and Survivors.  It was such an honor to share the stage with our panelists and speak truth to power.  Can you believe thanks to technology, I was able to be present in three states today (SC, VA and DC)!

Guest speaker (virtual) for Black History Month at Panther Academy in Lake City, South Carolina

Panther Academy is an alternative education placement. They include 3 academies: PRIDE, RESET, and CHOICE and serves students in grade kindergarten through 12th grade.

Thank you to the students and teachers of Panthers Academy in Lake City, SC for having me be their speaker to round out Black History Month and allowing me to pay homage to my family and my journey.  Thank you Ms. Teresa Burgess for inviting me to serve as the guest speaker and thank you Ms. Shareara Britton Brown for recommending me; it is always an honor to be a voice for the voiceless and to share my story. I hope something I say and share will resonate with my audience and make a difference.  "Help others to see themselves better than they are until they believe." ATGW

What I love about virtual life is that in any given day I can be in 2 places at once.  Today I’ve been in South Carolina, Virginia & DC ☺️

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Virginia Board of Counseling - Qualified Mental Health Profession Certification

Super excited! Options are always welcome when you live in the DMV! Just received my QMHP license to practice in Virginia, in addition to my license to practice in DC as a Psych Associate. Happy Valentines Day!

Living my best life and loving it!!! Thank God!

Luke 12:48: To whom much is given, much will be required.

Black History Month Webinar Wednesdays on Human Trafficking Presentation.

Happening this month for FAIR Girls, in honor of Black History Month.  I will be co-facilitating the Adultification of Black Girls on February 10th at 1:00pm and moderating the youth panel onFebruary 24th.  Please join us for this next Webinar Wednesday series and register using the link below:   

Thank you for joining us!

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Black History Month Webinar Wednesdays on Human Trafficking.

Happening this month for FAIR Girls, in honor of Black History Month. I will be co-facilitating the Adultification of Black Girls on February 10th at 1:00pm and moderating the youth panel on February 24th.  Please join us for this next Webinar Wednesday series and register using the link below:

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P31 Girls Monthly Book Club Meeting

Discussion of "I Am Malala"

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