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Demand an End!

“Human trafficking is a global program that requires people in every nation to take action, take a stand, & take responsibility to end it. Hopefulness must triumph over hopelessness.“

Human trafficking does not discriminate. There are multiple things as a society we can do to end human trafficking, the first of which being educating ourselves. I am very thankful that through the Miss VA Organization, I am able to shed some light on this very important topic and start a conversation and dialogue. I look forward to continuing to use my platform to make a difference and am looking forward to meeting with the VA Attorney General this month to discuss making Virginia a “Demand an End” state.

I recognize that I am not the only one working towards the goal of educating and spreading awareness about human trafficking and child exploitation, so to any nonprofits in the area or state, I would love to partner and link up with you all to see ways we can combine our efforts. #DemandanEnd #humantraffickingawarenessmonth

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