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3rd runner up at National Sweetheart 2019

Andolyn Tomasa

September 2, 2019 ·

🗣 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAAAAA • • I’m coming home!!! I’m so honored to have placed 3rd runner up at the National Sweetheart Pageant & I feel so blessed to have had this experience & to meet these amazing women. I remember a time when people said I wasn’t talented enough or that my interview wasn’t good enough, in order to discourage me. I remember thinking my body wasn’t good enough because of the curvature in my spine thanks to my scoliosis. But tonight, tonight I competed with some of our nation’s most beautiful, talented, kind & intelligent women & tonight, I feel vindicated knowing that God will always lead you down the path he knows you need to be on to grow. Knowing that he surrounds you with the people and the community to uplift your soul. Knowing that he will never steer me wrong. I’m so proud to have repped the 202 tonight & will forever remember this feeling. Don’t let anyone EVER stop you from chasing your dreams. Congratulations to the rest of the top 5 and our beautiful new queen, Jane, from California & thank you to everyone that has supported me thus far. I have so much more to post and share about my time so stay tuned ❤️

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